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Injured on the Chicago Pedway?

February 18, 2021

When someone is injured on the Chicago Pedway because of hazards that the city knows or should have reasonably known about, then the City of Chicago may be liable. Depending on circumstances, a business or fellow Pedway user could be liable for injuries. Although the Pedway provides a comfortable and convenient way of navigating the city, it is not perfectly safe. There are strict time limits for filing a lawsuit related to injuries sustained in the Pedway, as any lawsuit against the City must be filed within one year of the incident. As a result, you will want experienced injury attorneys to investigate your case right away. 

Liability for Pedway-Related Injuries

The Pedway is managed by the municipal Department of Transportation. As a result, in most personal injury and liability cases, the city is liable to pay damages for the losses of injured victims. If a pedestrian is seriously injured because of hazards like cracks and sunken surfaces that the city failed to repair, the city will most likely be liable.

In some circumstances, the property or business that a person was visiting when they got injured could be liable. If someone slipped and fell on a frozen drink at a property’s entrance on the Pedway, and the housekeeping and property management team did not secure the area or warn of the potentially hazardous condition, the business could be held liable for the injuries sustained.

Another Pedway user could also be liable. For instance, if a dog of a Pedway user bit someone, the user could be responsible for the harm inflicted by his or her dog.

Pedway Safety Issues

Maintenance has been an ongoing problem. The city built the Pedway, but private companies line the underground walkway. Consequently, there has always been a slight tangle over the party that should be responsible for keeping the Pedway clean and safe. Poor maintenance causes safety concerns such as faulty or broken lights and floor tiles, accumulation of debris, and improper signage.

Areas with cracks in floors can catch shoes or wheelchair wheels and cause people to fall. The places that do not have heavy traffic and security can leave the people passing through them vulnerable. People with disabilities also face several challenges. The elevators do not always work. A number of the doors violate the American Disabilities Act’s regulations.

Some of the injuries that people can sustain while using the Pedway include:

  • Brain injuries from striking head during a fall
  • Fractures
  • Nerve-related injuries

The Pedway helps reduce the number of vehicle and pedestrian accidents, but it has several flaws. People who are injured while walking along the underground walkway may be able to recover compensation for their losses.

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