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Did Your Newborn Suffer Brain Injuries During the Birthing Process?

November 19, 2021

To determine whether the brain injuries your newborn suffered qualify as medical malpractice in Chicago, call Jeffrey M. Goldberg at 312-236-4146.

Newborn brain injuries often result from physical harm during birth. They occur when the cells in the newborn’s brain are destroyed or damaged. Newborn brain damage can lead to lifelong mental and physical disabilities. Many cases of newborn brain damage are preventable, often caused by the negligence of a medical professional. A parent might be entitled to financial compensation if medical negligence caused his or her child’s brain injuries.

Symptoms of Brain Injuries in Newborns

Signs of brain damage vary depending on the type of damage, severity, and the child’s age. A newborn with brain damage may have an abnormally large forehead or small head. The spine may be abnormally shaped. Muscles may be loose or stiff, and the child’s back may be arched while crying. Other signs include high-pitched crying, difficulty eating, seizures, neck stiffness, and excessive drooling.

Toddlers who suffered brain damage may have difficulty walking and performing daily tasks. They may lack fine motor skills, motor coordination, and muscle control. Other signs that parents should watch out for include vision problems, seizures, tremors, and speech problems.

Causes of Brain Injuries in Newborns

Common causes of brain injuries in newborns include:

  • Physical damage due to excessive pressure on the head from medical instruments
  • Untreated jaundice, which can lead to brain damage known as kernicterus
  • Viral and bacterial infections like meningitis
  • Lack of oxygen and blood flow
  • Poisoning from toxins like methylmercury
  • Aneurysm, which can be caused by blood vessel defects or high blood pressure during birth

Caring for Children With Brain Damage

When infants suffer preventable brain injuries, many families are usually unprepared for the expensive treatment that follows. Even with treatment, some children have to live with the effects of early brain damage for the rest of their lives. Grants and assistance programs are typically not enough to meet the long-term expenses for caring for children with brain damage. Families can file a birth injury lawsuit to recover compensation for economic and non-economic damages.

Medical professionals like doctors are expected to exercise a high level of care during the child birthing process. Careless errors that lead to brain damage and long-term injuries can be regarded as medical negligence. If a newborn’s brain damage resulted from medical negligence, the parents could pursue financial compensation with the help of a birth injury attorney in Chicago.

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