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Birth Injury

Getting lifelong care for your child after a birth injury

May 20, 2020

Some birth injuries can be resolved with the right medical care, but many others can result in lifelong injuries and disability to the child. This can result in the need for lifelong care. In addition, lifelong care for a child who has sustained a serious birth injury can be extremely costly.

Birth injuries are often preventable when health care providers use proper methods of monitoring during the prenatal care as well as during labor and delivery. Their failure to do so can result in a lack of oxygen to the baby’s brain, resulting in permanent physical and cognitive impairments.

WHAT INJURIES may become LIFELONG disabilities?

Lifelong birth injuries may include:

What type of treatment may my child need?

If your baby has sustained any of the above injuries, he or she may need lifelong treatment and therapy. This may include:

How can a lawyer help me pursue compensation?

If a doctor or nurse’s actions resulted in a birth injury, it’s critical that you consult with an experienced team of attorneys who can help you and your child recover monetary compensation to address the damages. Doctors, nurses and insurance companies do not normally voluntarily reach out to offer compensation, and generally refuse to admit their wrongdoing. This is why you need an attorney who can investigate and seek answers on your behalf. Goldberg & Schulkin Law Offices has more than 40 years of experience standing up for the rights of children and families.

From our law offices located in Chicago, Illinois and Milwaukee, Wisconsin we represent families throughout the Midwest. Contact us online to find out how we can help you. We offer free, confidential case consultations.

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