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Medications prescribed by a doctor can be very effective in many situations. But when mistakes occur involving prescription drugs, the consequences can be catastrophic. Existing medical conditions can go untreated. Adverse reactions can cause new health problems. Dangerous, allergic reactions often occur as well.

Knowing what to do if you or a loved one was harmed by a prescription drug error can be confusing. First and foremost, you need to prove that medical malpractice occurred. But how do you do that? Where do you start?

$53 Million settlement for medication error case. Learn more.

$12 Million settlement for medication error case. Learn more.

Our experienced medical malpractice attorneys can help you every step of the way. For more than 40 years, the attorneys at Goldberg & Schulkin Law Offices have been helping injury victims receive the financial compensation they need and deserve for their prescription drug error injuries.

But it’s not just about the money. We care about the work we do because we believe medical professionals should be held accountable for their errors. You shouldn’t have to pay for someone else’s mistakes. And we’re here to help you defend your rights.

Common drug errors

Prescription drug errors cover a wide range. Some of the most common – and most serious – injuries due to prescription drug errors involve:

  • Wrong medication prescribed
  • Wrong dosage prescribed
  • Pharmacist misreads prescription
  • Pharmacist gives patient the wrong drug
  • Pharmacist gives patient the wrong dosage amount

Whatever the circumstances surrounding your drug error injury, no matter how straightforward or complicated your case might seem, talk to a lawyer as soon as possible. Often, you only have a limited amount of time to take legal action. Make sure you don’t miss your deadlines. Speak with an attorney at our law firm today.

How we can help you

Medical professionals often refuse to admit they made a mistake. Even if they clearly prescribed the wrong medication or the wrong dosage amount, it’s rare for doctors, pharmacists or other health care workers to acknowledge they did something wrong.

Why does this matter? Because hospitals, insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies often use such explanations as an excuse to refuse to financially compensate you for your injury or illness. And when it comes to such injuries, you could stand to miss out on receiving thousands or millions of dollars in financial compensation for your medical bills, lost income and other injury related expenses.

We want to help you get your life back on track. We know how to investigate medical malpractice cases. We have an in-house nurse who can help evaluate your medical information. We know how to negotiate favorable settlements. And if necessary, we’re prepared to take your case to court.

Put your trust in a law firm that puts your needs first. Contact us and schedule your free case evaluation today.